Divali Facts

October 17, 2017 by admin - 1 Comment
  • Divali is a variation of the Sanskrit word ‘Deepavali’. ‘Deepa’ means light and ‘vali’ means ring/wreath.
  • The practice of cleaning, decorating and lighting deyas stems from the Ram and Sita narrative. Upon the return of Lord Ram with his wife Sita, the citizens of Ayodhya cleaned the city, decorated it with garlands and flowers, and lit the streets with deyas.
  • Even though other deities are honoured during this time, Mother Lakshmi is the central deity associated with the celebration of Divali.
  • In 1966 Divali was declared a public holiday.
  • Over time, Divali has moved from being a private family celebration to a public occasion as persons from various ethnic backgrounds and religious affiliations can choose to participate in the religious festivities.