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Cuatro Basics

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This book provides the beginner with the fundamentals of many styles of music including; Calypso, Gospel, Folk, Reggae, Classical, Pop, Parang and music theory, all done in a manner that makes it directly applicable to practice.

It can be used as a main text for the beginner or as a supplement for the more experienced cuatro player.
Have fun learning with Cuatro Basics.

About the Author

Joseph Rivers is an accomplished music educator and performer who has contributed to the development of many successful bands and individuals through his publications and teaching.

His music development began at a tender age, being the son of a master Luthier who has been making guitars, cuatros and other percussion instruments for many years.

Joseph has performed with a number of major Caribbean bands and artists and continues to work at several recording studios.

In addition to his certification by both Trinity College of Music and the University of the West Indies, Joseph has studies several styles including; Parang, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Calypso and Gospel.

His practical foundation gave him a solid reference for his formal music education in performance and theory. Inspired by his own experience, he formulated the approach used in this book and his teaching.

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