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Dictionary of the English/ Creole of Trinidad & Tobago

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Edited by Lise Winer.

The Dictionary of the English/Creole of Trinidad & Tobago is the first scholarly dictionary of the varieties of English and English Creole spoken and written in the Twin-island Caribbean nation of Trinidad & Tobago. It contains over 12,200 full entries, with numerous cross-references. More than 2,500 entries for flora and 2,200 for fauna also makes this an essential reference work for anyone interested in the rich and unique natural history of the country.

The linguistic history of Trinidad & Tobago is complex, with contributions from the languages of Amerindians (Carib, Arawak), Europeans (Spainsh, French, English, Portuguese), Africans (Kikongo, Ewe, Yoruba), Chinese (Cantonese, Hakka), and Indians (Bhojpuri, Urdu), as well as the English and French Creoles of immigrants from elsewhere in the Caribbean. Wherever possible, words are traced to their source languages.

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