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The Book of Trinidad

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In The Book of Trinidad you will find an anthology extracted from the writings of travelers who visited Trinidad from the account of its discovery by Christopher Columbus, on through to the Spanish conquistadors and 19th century British tourists such as Pierre MaCallum, C.W. Day Henry Coleridge and Charles Kingsley. There is as well a wonderful collection of contemporary illustrations and pictorial documents, prints and lithographs, photographs, postcards, tickets, dance cards and advertisements. The chronologies of Daniel Hart, Jose Bodu, Harry Pitts and the Port of Spain Gazette trace local events over the centuries. There are the reminiscences and memoirs of those who remember the time when our country was young, and who gave us their oral traditions, polemic, folklore and recipes for French Creole cooking. There are commentaries by modern writers and historians like Andrew Carr, Andrew Pearse, Carl Campbell, Michael Anthony and Fr. Anthony de Verteuil. The Book of Trinidad is beautifully designed and produced. It is a book to cherish, dip into browse and love.

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