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Kunuwaton, in the Karina language, a language of one of the First Peoples, when translated means ‘Culture’. With over 60 recipes, the book also provides information that gives a unique perspective to the way of life of the indigenous peoples of Trinidad and Tobago

The book comprises 119 pages and documents various traditions of the First Peoples, highlighting some of the not-so-obvious contributions they have made to our society and region as a whole.
Kunuwaton serves as a way to preserve the history and legacy of the First Peoples so it can be understood, appreciated and passed on as valuable nuggets of information to those who come after us



Kunuwaton documents interesting aspects of the traditions of our First Peoples… it takes the reader into the inner sanctum of the Santa Rosa First Peoples (Carib) Community of Arima, Kairi, now Trinidad; documenting their rituals, festivals, foods and recipes, medicinal and traditional healing practices, presenting these with a refreshing new perspective.

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