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Letters from Nigeria: Reflections of an Ifa Initiate

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This publication is the author’s reflections on her experiences while researching the spiritual and cultural traditions among the Yoruba people of Nigeria… Also it provides useful guidelines to devotees and practitioners of Ifa in the diaspora.


Product Description

Ifarounke Deidre Prescod is a daughter, sibling, mother, grandmother, friend and Ifa practitioner. These multiple roles are reflected in the author’s musings throughout her work. She was born in Port of Spain Trinidad into a Christian family.  She attributes the value system which has shaped her and by which she lives to the teachings of Christianity.  These life-long values include unconditional love, humility, self-restraint and clarity in thought, word and deed.  Yet there was an insatiable need for a more intimate connection and deeper insight to her spiritual side. The desire for spiritual knowledge and guidance led her to the study and practice of Ifa.

‘Reflections of an Ifa Initiate’ is not simply Ifarounke’s diary of her personal journey. It also contains guidelines to Ifa practice for devotees and practitioners. It is also useful to researchers and students in the fields of Caribbean/African studies and/or Religion as the author presents information on African rituals, prayers, narratives and the sacred Odus of Ifa.

Furthermore, ‘Reflections of an Ifa Initiate’ bridges the gap between Trinidad and Tobago and the Motherland, Africa. Coming from a Trinbagonian perspective, Ifarounke’s interpretation brings another level of understanding and adaptability to a traditional Yoruba practice. Ifarounke is following her destiny by contributing to the practice of Ifa-Orisa in Trinidad and Tobago and the diaspora.



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