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IFA The Ancient Wisdom

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IFA The Ancient Wisdom

Dr. Afolabi A. Epega reveals for the first time to the general public that ancient wisdomof the Yorubas who lived in South Western parts if Nigeria and West Africa. This ancient wisdom, known as Ifa, reflects a time-honoured tradition on which the Yoruba philosophy, arts, music, customs, science, medicine, culture and religion are based. Hidden for centuries, Ifa is a nature religion that helps to develop realistic relationships with the natural forces, which govern the universe.

This book teaches:

The Yoruba system of belief.

Belief in one God (Olodumare) with the worship of a multitude of deities

How to identify the recognised, fixed order of the odus of Ifa.

How to divine with 16 palmnuts and the divining chain – Opele.

How to divine with Obi (a sacred Kolanut) and the 16 cowries.

The significance of sacrifice.

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